Time to choose the grooms ring

A groom’s ring is often one of the last items to check off the long list of “To Do’s” when planning a wedding. Some couples leave little time to seek out the perfect ring for the groom. Which leads me to ask, “why don’t you put together a wish list of your favorite looks, early in the wedding planning stages?” If you think about it, this could possibly be the only piece of jewelry he ever wears. Choosing a ring to wear for a lifetime can be a difficult choice. Today’s groom has more options than ever before, to select a band that represents his personality. Classic, trendy, unusual, tough, metro, shiny or not so shiny. There are many options available to create a stunning wedding band, just as unique as the engagement ring. Check out some of these Serinium® wedding bands.






Many grooms do not think about comfort or safety when choosing his band or even if it will match her engagement ring. So when the time comes to begin their quest for the perfect grooms ring, Serinium® is the perfect choice offering beautiful, yet durable. Not only is Serinium® scratch resistant, it is the safer option when it comes to other contemporary metals available today. The comfort and beauty along with customization available grooms are encouraged to create a look that best fits their personality





Serinium® jewelry characteristics:

  • Serinium® is ultra-hard and will last a lifetime. Its brilliant white color will never tarnish, oxidize or yellow.
  • Serinium® wedding bands are Comfort Fit bands for ultimate wearability, whether your activity is trail running, fishing, water sports, hunting, hiking, or winter outdoor activities.
  • Serinium® is the next generation jewelry metal that moves beyond gold and platinum to new heights of beauty, durability and sustainability.
  • Serinium® is hypoallergenic.
  • Serinium® is covered by a lifetime warranty and size exchange policy.
  • Serinium® is protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,289,037

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